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Amazing Academy: Amazon eCom System

Introducing another Amazing Amazon eCommerce Training Program, and this one is truly remarkable due to its long history of being the top Amazon eCommerce Training Platform for 11 years in a row. And not just that, one would think that since it is the top selling and highly popular course the price entry would be medium to low, but the truth is opposite. Former ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) course was the highest priced eCommerce training program on the internet, selling for over $5000. And yet, it is highly popular training, because it’s credible and provides value.

Amazing Academy is a new program with many tweaks and twists, to give as much value with least path rezistence. Check out this incredible offer from Matt Clark and Mike McCleary and be Amazed, especially the new entry pricing is absolutely unbelievable for everything you get.

Amazing Academy the old way

Amazing Academy New way to start a brand

What is Amazing Academy

To even add more credibility to Amazing Academy here are the LIVE event speakers who spoke on the stage at the last SellerCon event, I sure you will recognize some names ;-p

Amazing Academy Training

The Consumable System Review

The Consumable System Review

The Consumable System Review

The Consumable System is a new business model that allows anyone to enter the trillion dollar/year consumables industry without the usual inventory issues. It uses the power of private labeling and dropshipping with high-quality, USA-made supplements. Led by Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien (the half a billion-dollar webinar guy), The Consumable System is a hands-off system that allows you to make money with no experience, minimal starting capital, and no need for shipping and storage space.

It combines an innovative ecommerce platform and coaching, with an integrated supply chain and manufacturing service that eliminates the need for inventory management. The business model allows entrepreneurs to focus on converting customers rather than finding new leads. The strategy is designed to avoid a massive upfront investment in stock, and is perfect for those with limited funds or a busy schedule. It also focuses on recurring orders, fostering customer loyalty and creating an ongoing revenue stream.

Consumables are products that get used up with each use, like a water bottle or nightly skincare routine. As a result, they tend to generate repeat sales more frequently than non-consumables, increasing your profit margins. The webinar will teach you how to make a sustainable income by using the best marketing strategies to drive a continuous stream of recurring orders and build brand loyalty.

Unlike other business models, The Consumable System offers you the ability to sell an unlimited number of products from just one warehouse. It also reduces your startup costs by eliminating the need to store physical inventory, resulting in lower overhead and improved cash flow. The business is based on the revolutionary HoneyComm platform, which provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to source made-in-America supplements and apply their own branding. The platform also eliminates inventory and minimum order requirements and promises profit margins up to 477%.

Managing your business’s consumable inventory can be challenging, especially when you have multiple locations. Novatek’s LIMS can be configured to monitor your entire organization and automatically detect when supplies are running low, or even completely depleted. It can then take the appropriate action, whether it’s sending an automated message to the stockroom manager or putting in a purchase order. It can even record the amount of time spent on each sample, ensuring traceability and compliance with quality accreditations.

While acquiring a single customer is an accomplishment, converting that customer to a recurring buyer is the true marker of success. The Consumable System helps you achieve this goal by teaching attendees the best ways to foster customer loyalty with a constant revenue stream. This will allow you to build a profitable business from the ground up, and earn long-term profits that will continue to grow over time. This is a truly unique opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Sign up for The Consumable System webinar today to learn more.

Amazon Influencer System for Simple Profit

Simple Profit System by Tavis Stephenson

What is Simple Profit System

Simple Profit System is exactly what it sounds like, the easy system for simple profits. It’s in-detail training on how to become Amazon Influencer and most importantly how to leverage Amazon Influencer program in order to make a lot of money in form of passive income.

Do you remember the golden days of YouTube when it was so easy to set up the channel, upload a few videos, and YouTube took care of the traffic?

Not even mentioning that there wasn’t as much criteria as there’s now to get into earn program that doesn’t even earn as much as it used to.

Well, this is kind of History repeating but with other online giant Amazon.

Their program allows you to create an Amazon Influencer account and start reviewing products that you got from Amazon. I mean, who doesn’t have bunch of products from Amazon right?

But the best thing is that they allow you to upload your videos right into your Creators Hub and after reviewing for fair practices and guidelines they start placing them next to the products that you reviewed. Now, if some person watches your video and purchases the product, you earn commission % of that sale.

Now you maybe say that this is nothing new, that Amazon already has the affiliate program in place for years, which is 100% correct. But this is a little different, and one of the little difference is actually the big difference because it’s traffic.

You see, with traditional Amazon affiliate program you earn the same % for each purchase from the person that you referred, which means that you had to get the traffic yourself. And if you know one or two things about online marketing, the traffic is the critical part of business. So they let you to find that ideal people outside of Amazon and bring them here to buy products, meaning that you have to spend time and money to get those buyers.

With Amazon Influencer program, Amazon gets you that traffic through putting your video review on product placement, next to the product for people to watch and make adequate decision whether to buy the product or not.

So literally all you have to do is to record the video and upload it to Amazon, that’s it!

Simple Profit System by Travis Stephenson Review

How to Become an Amazon Influencer

The Amazon influencer program is a great way to earn money through your social media following. This program allows you to create an online storefront and generate affiliate links to products on the Amazon site. If your followers make purchases through this link, you’ll earn a cut of the profit. It’s an excellent option for any aspiring YouTube star, or anyone looking to monetize their social media following.

To get approved, you’ll need to meet some basic requirements. For example, you’ll need a Facebook or Twitter account, and you’ll also need to connect your account to Amazon. You’ll also need a vanity URL, a profile picture, a bio, and a custom storefront. There are a few additional requirements, but they’re easy enough to achieve with the right effort.

Your content should be valuable and useful to your audience. The best Amazon influencers create content that helps their followers make a decision on a product. They may curate thought-idea lists or host livestreams on specific topics. However, you shouldn’t copy or imitate other people’s content. That will lead to a disingenuous relationship with your audience, and will detract from your ability to interact with them in the future.

In addition to creating a useful and valuable storefront, you’ll need to produce a wide range of useful content. This can include videos and photos. You should post a video at least three times a week. Promoting your videos on social media and other platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram will help boost your following.

Once you’ve created your storefront and content, you’ll need to link it to your social media accounts. You can also add an image or static banner to your bio and use hashtags on your posts. Add your Amazon Storefront URL to your bio to drive natural curiosity from your audience.

Another requirement of the Amazon influencer program is that you must have a substantial following. If you have a large enough following, it will be easier for Amazon to approve your account. Having a strong following means that your followers will likely purchase your products.

As with any affiliate program, you can be suspended if you don’t follow the program rules. When you apply to the Amazon Influencer program, you’ll need to provide information about past campaigns, a description of your content, a link to your store, and a link to a product page. Some examples of past campaigns you can use are an entertaining video or a promotional post.

You can make money through the Amazon influencer program by recommending products that your audience might be interested in. However, you can’t sell items like sexually explicit products, live animals, or any other types of merchandise.

Although you can get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program, you’ll need to put a lot of work into your content. While you might be able to create an engaging video, it’s important to be consistent in the quality of your content. Also, your content should be useful to your audience, such as an informative blog post or an entertaining livestream.

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